Five benefits of honeycomb

It was quite popular that people love to eat yogurt with a tiny piece of honeycomb added to the top. It’s really a fantastic treat to your tastebuds.

In recent years, honeycomb is more and more popular. Why?

#1 Low chance of adulterated honey

Honeycomb is directly cut from bee hives and it’s never pressed, filtered or heated. When you are ready to serve it, you just cut a small slice, chew it and then swallow the waxy residue or spit it out. When compared to those bottled honey, honeycomb has not undergone and processing and this lowers the odds of adding sugar or artificial sweeteners to the honey by honey manufacturers

#2 More enzymes More antioxidants

As honeycomb does not go through any heating process, it retains the raw enzymes such as glucose oxidase. That’s why honeycomb possesses stronger antibacterial functions.

#3 No filtering More nutrients

It’s not possible that a comb of honey is added with artificial sweeteners or sugar, so all goodness of honey is still intact without being damaged, such as bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly, which are high beneficial to health.

#4 Good for cardiovascular health

The hexagonal shape of honeycomb cells is made of beeswax. After chewing a piece of honeycomb for a while, the gum-like residue is beeswax. Beeswax contains fatty acid and esters, which have been scientifically proven to be beneficial to cardiovascular health. (Caution: Do not swallow excessive amount of beeswax as it might cause digestive issues. )

#5 Satisfying mouthfeel

Cut a small slice. Put it into mouth. Chew it to extract the honey out. The mouthfeel is extremely satisfying and you cannot stop chewing until the last drop of honey is squeezed out. What an enjoyable journey for your mouth and tastebuds! If you want to feel it now, you could visit social media by searching hastags like #honeycombs.

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食蜂巢蜜 (honeycomb)五大好處



#1 絕無攙糖可能


#2 更多酵素 更強抗氧化

蜂巢蜜由於不經加熱過程,所以蜂蜜能保留了原有的酵素(glucose oxidase),因此蜂蜜的抗菌功效得以保留。

#3 不經過濾 更多營養

買回來完完整整的蜂巢蜜 ,當然不可能經過一般蜂蜜會進行的過濾工序。這個好處是不會濾走了蜂蜜中一些珍貴養份,例如花粉(bee pollen)、蜂膠(propolis) 和 蜂皇漿(royal jelly),因此對健康更有益處。

#4 心臟更健康

六角型的蜂巢是以蜜蠟造成的,當我們咀嚼蜂巢蜜時,口中剩下像香口膠的渣滓正是蜜蠟。蜜蠟含有微量的脂肪酸(fatty acid)和酯(esters),研究證明兩樣都是對心臟健康有益處。(注意:不建議吞下過量蜜蠟,或引致消化不良。)

#5 更有口感

切下一小片蜂巢蜜放入口中,咬下充滿蜂蜜的巢穴,口中爆出蜂蜜的感覺,令人很有滿足感,然後不斷咀嚼,將一點一滴的蜂蜜也吸取出來,整個美食享用過程十分有治癒感。不妨在社交媒體搜尋 #honeycombs,你就可以感受一下。